About Us

Hello and welcome to Darckness, a place where art, passion, and the beauty of the unconventional come together. I'm Grant, the creative mind behind this venture, and I'd like to share a bit about the story behind our store.

Hailing from Iowa, my wife Rhonda and I are a lower-middle-class family with a deep love for art. Since my early years, I found solace and joy in expressing myself through drawings, bringing to life characters from my favorite comic books and the creatures that inhabit my imagination.

As life unfolded, I stumbled upon the mesmerizing world of dark and gothic artworks, a genre that resonated deeply with me. Despite my own fears of death, I've come to appreciate the profound beauty and artistry that humans have crafted around this complex theme throughout the centuries.

Rhonda, my wife, shares a distinct passion for skulls, crossbones art, pirates, and true crime stories. Inspired by her interests, the idea to start a true crime blog within our online store was born. It's a space where we can explore and celebrate the allure of the mysterious and the macabre.

For years, the dream of starting my own business has burned within me. I yearned for something tangible, a legacy that would outlive me, something people could appreciate and enjoy for years to come. Darckness is my way of leaving a mark on this world.

Gothic art, in my eyes, is often misunderstood and underappreciated. I believe it carries a unique beauty that deserves recognition. There's a global community that has embraced the gothic lifestyle, and they deserve respect and appreciation for their unique culture and artistic expressions. With Darckness, I dedicate this store to them, offering a curated collection of metal wall art and canvases.

Incorporating AI into our artistic process allows us to breathe life into our creations, enabling us to share our unique vision with everyone. Through your support, we hope to not only sustain our artistic endeavors but also make Darckness a thriving hub for those who share our passion.

We extend our deepest thanks to each and every one of you who joins us on this creative journey. Your support helps us live out our dreams of running our own business, and we sincerely hope you find joy and inspiration in the distinctive pieces we offer.

Welcome to Darckness—where art, darkness, and the extraordinary unite.

Grant and Rhonda

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